Account Customization

Account Customization

Account Administrators can customize two aspects of their organization's account: the top video appearing on members' My 5 Dynamics page and adding an introductory section to the top of members' Work Preferences content (a.k.a. Overview Report).

customization option on the Administration page
On the left sidebar of the Administration page below the Organizational Summary Panel, select the Customization option (right).

In the Edit Customizations panel (below), there are currently two available options: Video Widget Customization, and Overview Report Introduction Customization. Tap the Edit link to open either option. 

Video Widget Customization

Completing this form will replace the top video ("Welcome to Simpli5") that all members see when they log in to the My 5 Dynamics landing page (right). Your organization may use this feature to link a relevant company video or executive endorsement of the Simpli5 platform and methodology.

Complete the three fields in the Customize Widget popup:
  1. Heading (up to 46 characters). Provide a title for the video.
  2. Body content (up to 305 characters). Provide a desciptive explanation of what the viewers will see.
  3. YouTube embed code. You can find this under the Share option for the video on YouTube; see YouTube's help files for details and troubleshooting. Videos hosted on other sites are not currently supported. 
Tap the Done button to submit your information. If you test the video and it doesn't work, you can return to this form and tap the Reset option to quickly delete all fields; tap Done with a blank form to restore the default Simpli5 video.

Overview Report Introduction Customization

Use this feature to add a customized Introduction to the Work Preferences content (a.k.a. Overview Report) for your organization (below). Your organization may use this feature to provide context or connect the Simpli5 platform and methodology to your existing employee experiences.

In the Customize Introduction popup, you may enter up to 2600 characters of text. Basic text formatting can be done with HTML; however, any HTML code used does count towards the 2600 character limit.

Tap Done at the bottom of the Customize Introduction popup to apply your changes. Tap the Reset option to quickly delete all content in the form; tap Done with a blank form to remove the Introduction section from the Work Preferences (Overview Report) content.
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