Adding Notes to the Leadership Style content

Adding Notes to the Leadership Style content

You can add your own notes to the Leadership Style content for another person in your network. Your notes are only visible to you and cannot be printed or downloaded. This feature is recommended for capturing your thoughts when mentoring another person.

Adding a Note

  1. At the Network page, find a person in the My Connections list; use filters to narrow down the list as needed. Tap the person's name to open their page.
  2. Scroll down and open the Leadership Style content near the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the "Your Notes" section in the sidebar then tap the "Add a note" box (right).
  4. Write out your note, up to 335 characters per note, and tap Done to save the note. The note will be added to the Your Notes list. 

Editing or Deleting a Note

  1. At the Your Notes section, tap on any note to open the Edit Note pop-up.
  2. Once you make changes to the text, the Done button activates for you to save your changes. If you want to exit without making any changes, tap the X in the top-right corner.
  3. To permanently remove a note, tap the Delete option in the bottom-left corner.

Notes on Your Notes

  1. Each notes is limited to 335 characters; however, you can have an unlimited number of notes for each person.
  2. There are currently no text formatting options supported.
  3. New notes are placed at the end of the list; there is currently no way to reorder notes.
  4. Tip: Start a note with the date and/or a brief context reminder--e.g., "4-April, 10 am call with Michelle..."

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