When is a license used?

When is a license used?


When an Account Administrator invites new members to join your organization, licenses are allocated to create the invitation.
  1. If the invitation is declined or expires (after 30 days), the license is returned to your Licenses Available pool immediately at that moment, but the record is still listed listed on the Sent Invitations tab to make it easier for you to resend the invitation if needed.
  2. If you actively invalidate a pending invitation, the license is returned to your Licenses Available pool immediately at that moment, and the record is removed from the Sent Invitations tab.
When receipients accept the invitation and create a basic profile (i.e., they now have login credentials and can access the software), then the license is permanently consumed.

Full Details

In Simpli5, when an Administrator invites a new member to join their org, the invitation uses a Simpli5 license--i.e., if you have zero Licenses Available (see Organization sidebar on Administration page, sample screenshot below) then you will be unable to invite new members. If your organization is set up for self-service use the Purchase Licenses button; otherwise, contact sales@simpli5.com to purchase additional licenses.

The invitation then appears on the Sent Invitations tab (see screenshot below). If the invited member does not respond within 30 days, the invitation is expired and the license is automatically returned to your Licenses Available pool at that time. An invited member may also actively decline your invitation, which will also return the license at that time.

If you do not want to wait 30 days for the invitation to expire, you can actively cancel the invitation at the Sent Invitations tab using the invalidate invitation button (screenshot below). This will immediately cancel the invitation and return the license. It does not, however, notify the receipient that the invitation link is no longer active, so best practice is to notify the invited member as needed.

When receipients accept the invitation and create a basic profile (i.e., they now have login credentials and can access the software), then the license is permanently consumed.
It is still possible at this point for them to log out of Simpli5 without completing the Starting Point Assessment. Perhaps it is not a good time or they are not free from distractions, as is advised in the instructions. 
If they choose to exit at this point, the invitation is no longer valid and they must use their login credentials to log back in at a later time to complete the assessment. You do not need (and will be unable) to reinvite them, as they already have login credentials. Advise them to request a Simpli5® password reset if needed to log back in.
You can check if this is the case at the Members tab of the Administration page (screenshot below) or at the Network page, where the tag "Assessment pending" will show next to the person's name.

Again, in these instances, there is no need for you to create a new invitation or start the process over. The member can log back in using the login credentials they defined during Profile Setup; if needed they can request a Simpli5® password reset.

To be clear, if you delete a member with an "Assessment pending" status, you are not returned the license as it has already been consumed, and you should follow the above advice to encourage the member to log back in and complete the assessment.

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