Getting Started in Simpli5®

Getting Started in Simpli5®

Getting Started

You will receive an email invitation to join your organization’s network in the Simpli5® platform.

  1. This automated, system-generated email comes from, with the subject line "Simpli5 Invitation." You may need to check your spam or junk mail folder if you do not receive the email.
  2. Note the name of your local administrator who issued the invitation. You may need to contact that person directly if you need help to resolve certain issues, specified below.
  3. Tap the Accept/Decline Invitation link to automatically open our Simpli5 platform in your default browser. The first thing you should see is a popup message asking if you want to accept or decline the invitation. Tap Accept to proceed to the Setup Profile screen.
Already have a profile in Simpli5 or Simpli5 Relationships? No need to set up another profile and take the assessment again. See here for full details.

Setup Profile Screen

You will first be prompted to enter your basic profile information. All fields are required.
  1. If your name was misspelled, you should be able to correct it in the First and Last Name fields.
  2. Your pronoun preference will be used in all 3rd person content about you (e.g., your teammates reading about how best to work with you through a task or project).
  3. Enter and confirm your password. On-screen prompts will provide specific feedback on password requirements, but you can read more below in Password Specifications.
  4. Mark the Agree to Terms checkbox. Click the Terms of Use link to review the full document first.
  5. Once you enter information in each field and click the Agree to Terms checkbox, then the Save button becomes active. Tap Save to complete this step.
  6. The next screen will prompt you to complete the 5 Dynamics® Starting Point assessment. This is the final step to create your energy profile.
If you already have a profile listed under a different email address, use the Login link to log in to your existing profile. If you do not see the new organization to which you were invited, contact the administrator (the person named in your invitation) to request a new invitation be issued using the email address associated with your profile.
If you already have a Simpli5 Relationships account, use Link Account to create your corporate profile using your Relationships results. You will skip the next step of completing the assessment and be taken directly to the My 5 Dynamics page.

Starting Point Assessment

You will be prompted to complete the 5 Dynamics® Starting Point assessment before you can continue. The results from this assessment are the basis of your energy profile, which is used to create all customized content within Simpli5®. On-screen instructions are provided for completing the assessment. Once you have completed the assessment, you will be taken to your landing page, My 5 Dynamics, where you can begin to explore your results and everything the platform has to offer.

Password Specifications

  • Your login ID is the email address where you received the invitation.
  • Passwords must have between 6-20 characters and include at least one upper-case letter, one numerical digit, and one special character: ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + .

Login URL

For subsequent logins, this is the URL: My 5 Dynamics is the default landing page when you log in.

Supported Browsers

For the latest list of verified browsers and versions, go to and cookies must be enabled on any browser in order for the site and its features to work properly. Cookies are used only to navigate between pages, never to track what you’re doing on or away from our site.

Need More Help?

Check our article Profile Setup Troubleshooting Guide for suggested solutions to common issues. If you cannot find what you need in the knowledge base, please Submit a Ticket in this Help Center portal.

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