I need help on the Network page

I need help on the Network page

Viewing Your Network

The main Network page lists everyone currently in your organization’s network and allows you to work directly with another individual. This page is divided into three panels: My Connections, Network Members, and Pending Connection Requests.
  1. My Connections panel. This list represents your current connections. Tap a person's name in this panel to learn more about that person—see "Working with an Individual" below.
  2. Network Members panel. This list represents others within your organization with whom you are not yet connected. See "Connect with Me Function" below to request others share their profile with you.
  3. Pending Connection Requests panel. This list represents pending connections that you have either sent or received.

If a name is not selectable and does not show an Energy Map thumbnail, then the text below the name will indicate that the person either 1) has not yet completed the assessment or 2) has set their profile to private.

Finding a Connection

Above the list of people in the My Connections and Network panels is a search function, labeled “Find a Connection.” Begin typing in this box to filter the results listed in that panel. This filter returns all results across first name, last name, and email address.
Wildcards are not used in search functions.

Connect with Me Function

If you need to connect with someone who has their profile set to private, tap the Connect with Me button in the top-right corner of the My Connections panel. In the Share Profile window, begin typing the person’s email address.

Tap the plus icon (+) to select the desired individual(s), then tap the Invite button in the bottom-right corner. You will see a confirmation message to show that you’ve successfully sent the connection request(s) within the application. Tap Done to return to the main Network page.
If all the people in your network are sharing their profiles (i.e., the Network Members panel is empty), then this function is NOT needed—the Share Profile window will appear to be blank, no matter what you enter into the search box.

Pending Connection Requests

If you have sent a "Connect with Me" request to someone in your network of if you’ve received one (if you have set your Profile Privacy), then you can review the status of these requests in the Pending Connection Requests panel.

For received requests, you can choose to “Decline” or “Accept” the request.
  • Immediately after you accept a Connect with Me request, you will need to refresh the Network page for that person’s profile to appear in the My Connections panel.
  • If you accept a shared profile request from someone who also has a private profile, then you both will be able to view each other’s profiles and reports. (In other words, you do not have to reciprocate and send a share profile request to that person.)
For sent requests, you will see a list of everyone to whom you have sent a request, along with one of three statuses: “Pending,” “Accepted,” or “Declined.”
  • If a person declines your request, it is possible to send another request to that person.
  • Once the person chooses to accept your request, you will then be able to view the person’s Energy profile through the Network and Teams pages.
If all the people in your network are sharing their profiles (i.e., there are no private profiles), then this Pending Connection Requests panel is not needed and will remain empty.

Working with an Individual

Tap a person’s name in the My Connections panel to open that person’s profile page. From this page, you can better understand that person and learn more about how best to work with that person in a one-to-one setting.
If a name does not appear in the My Connections panel, don't forget to check the Network Members panel below it. If the person you are look for does not appear in either panel, then they have not yet joined your organization's network. Contact your local Simpli5 administrator to request the person be invited to your org.

Profile Summary Panel

The Profile Summary panel provides the person's Energy Map, an overview of that person’s work preferences, and basic employee information. To view the full Work Preferences content, tap the Read more link at the bottom of the Profile Summary panel.

Understanding and Working with Others

The main panel of this page contains all of the individual and pair content available to help you better understand and work with this person.
The standard individual content covers Work Preferences, Energy Map, Time Map, Performance Cycle, Learning Preferences, and Leadership Style.
The standard pair content between you and the person covers Working Together and Leadership (you leading the other person). 
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