What do the numbers on the Administration page mean?

What do the numbers on the Administration page mean?

The org summary panel on the Administration page lists some basic information about your account; these numbers are provided in the panel:
  1. Pending invitations. Invitation that was sent within the last 30 days and hasn't yet been used to create a new profile or actively declined.
    1. Note this number may be different than the number listed on the Sent Invitations tab, as that list also includes Expired and Declined invitations.
    2. See the Sent Invitations tab in the People panel for a list of all invitations and their status.
      1. Pending invitations temporarily use an available license. If the invitation is invalidated by the Administrator, actively declined by the invitee, or expires after 30 days of inactivity, that license is immediately returned to the Licenses Available pool. If it is accepted to create a new profile in your org, then the license is permanently consumed.
  2. Licenses Available. This is the number of new invitations you can currently create (i.e., maximum number of new people you can invite to your org at one time).
    1. If you don't have enough licenses to send new invitations you can either
      1. Review your Sent Invitations tab and invalidate (remove) one or more Pending invitations to increase your Licenses Available immediately, or
      2. Contact sales@simpli5.com to purchse additional licenses. This process usually takes up to 1 business day for your request to be processed and licenses added.
  3. Renewal Date. The date by which your Simpli5 organization contract must be extended to maintain access.
  4. Members. To the right of the Summary Panel in the People panel, the number of members in your organization is shown in parentheses as part of the Members heading.  

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