Setting Departments for Members

Setting Departments for Members


The "Department" field has been added to members' profiles; this field can be used to identify, filter, and collate members to provide an extra layer of granulation when completing Simpli5 administrative tasks.

General Notes

  1. This field is optional for your organization's account. To turn on visibility to this feature, an Account Administrator must submit a request to 5 Dynamics.
  2. Once activated, visibility and usage of the Department field is primarily available to Account Administrators through the Administration page.
    1. Once set, a member can see the department on their own profile page, but the field cannot be edited by the member.
    2. Members cannot currently see each other's departments.
  3. Setting a value for the Department field for new or existing members must be done by an Account Administrator.

Setting a Department for New Members

When inviting a new member to the organization, you can specify a department when you create the invitation. If you choose not to include a department up front, you can always add one once the person creates their Simpli5 profile.

When inviting new members individually (via the Add a Member option), the Department field has been added below those for the member's name and email address. See screenshot below. 

When inviting multiple members by CSV upload (via the Add Multiple Members option), a department can be specified for any or all individuals. The field is optional in the CSV file, but it is included in the CSV template download (available at the Add Multiple Members screen).
To be clear, an undefined department for one or more members in the CSV file will NOT cause an error when processing the file; those users will just not have a defined department on profile creation and a department can still be added later by an Account Administrator. 

Setting a Department for Current Members

The Department field has been added to the Members list of the Administration page. Within this list a member's department can be added/changed/deleted by an Account Administrator.
  1. To edit a member's department, click the pencil icon next to the Department field to open the Edit Department
    window. If the person has no department defined, then the field will be blank; otherwise, the current department name will appear in the field.
  2. Add or change the department name to update the field. If you want to remove the department, delete the text in the field. Once you have made a change, the Done button will activate to save your changes and return you to the Members list. A message below the header will confirm "Department updated successfully."
  3. To return to the Members list without making any changes, tap the Cancel button.

Deleting Members using Departments

If you need to delete members individually, the Members list can be searched and filtered based on the Department field.
  1. At the Members tab, in the Filter pulldown menu select Department.
  2. Enter a search in the "Find a Member" field. (Simpli5 search fields do not accept wildcards.)
  3. Tap the Search button to apply the filter. The Members list will be filtered by all departments that include your search term. 

  1. To delete members individually, tap the Delete button on the right side of the member's entry. See Remove Members for more detail.
If you need to bulk delete many members at once, you can use the Export Members and Bulk Delete functions. The Department field has been added to the Export Members CSV file; this field can be used to help identify members no longer with your organization. When uploading the Bulk Delete CSV file, the Department field does NOT need to be deleted; Simpli5 will ignore any unnecessary columns when processing the CSV file.

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